Beach Road Spring 2008 Update!

Hey everyone. Just letting you know who’s hanging out at the studio in the next while, who’s been here in the spring already, and a few other cool things that are new at Beach Road. First off, The Dunes and I have finally finished work on their new record that is due out sometime this summer/fall. The record turned out to be one of the most fulfilling projects I’ve ever had the pleasure of working on, and the songs are second to none. For more info on that, please go Second, Windsor band Radio Adelaide (previously Dressed In Sunday’s Best) were in and we knocked out a full length in a matter of a few weeks. The songs are super strong and furious, and with some good luck, new fans and some serious touring should put these guys at the forefront of the music scene. For more info, check Thirdly, Hamilton band Guilty has begun work on their forthcoming 7 song EP. Things are still in progress for this excellent piece of work from one of the coolest bands and nicest guys I’ve met, so check back here soon and take a gander at to find out more. Fourthly (can I say that?), Ottawa band Benefit of a Doubt will be in shortly to work on their brand new 3 song EP. Check Fifthly (now it’s just getting ridiculous), I’m nearly done mixing the brand new Chris Hart record. This album features some of, what I think, are the best songs I’ve heard in long time. Check back soon for more info on that. Spanish Fusion/Rock band Kaffe was also in having their EP mixed – some very cool tracks that are unlike anything that’s ever come out of Beach Road. Check for more info. Riverside is back in the summer to work on a followup to Goodbye Hollywood that will also be a very cool record. Equipment wise, the studio has now acquired 8 new custom Neve 1290 mic preamps, a number of new guitar pedals, a Gretsch hollowbody electric and an Orange 4×12 cab. There will also be 8 new custom API 312’s coming as well as several other new additions throughout the year. That’s about it for now. Check back soon and take care everyone!