Beach Road Studios Fall 2010 Update!

Been a busy late summer! The new Metro4 record is nearly done, and set for release this fall. The album is a collection of finely crafted brit rock/pop songs from a group of extremely talented musicians and songwriters. Nashville metal act Solvi and I teamed up to record a single for the upcoming Bright Side Records compilation. I traveled down to Nashville to track the song at, oddly enough, Beech Creek Studios, which is a beautiful facility on the outskirts of the city. Two Step Monday was in tracking drums for their forthcoming full length, choosing the Beach Road room to capture some massive sounds with the in house custom SJC kit. Ill Eagle was also finally back to track a song for the upcoming Bright Side comp, one of the best songs I’ve heard from these unique fine boys. Chasing Mercury has finally completed their new 4 song EP that’s been in progress throughout 2010. The guys are busy writing for what will be their 2nd full length record and recently opened up for Pennywise!

Check back soon for new stuff happening this fall!!