Beach Road Studios Fall Update!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know of a few things that have been going on around the studio the past few months. Tyler Schwende was in getting his new record mixed which is a fantastic collection of songs, as well as a cool band called Metro4 from London that have some killer songs. We also finished the new Riverside record and the album will be out in January on Bullion Records, very proud of this one. Another record I started earlier in the year from a band called Guilty is also now done and we’re just waiting on final mastered copies before that gets released. The band has now changed their name to The Light Division, and we have several labels interested in the new record. Another cool new band called Ill Eagle from London was in doing work on their new EP. These guys are pretty damn rad, and have a really unique sound. Also, the band To Telland I have finished off an EP that sounds super fresh and catchy, along with a brand new Christmas track that is out now for you to check out! I also produced a song with The Disenders called Fall that is hitting radio as we speak – great band with a very cool vibe and sound. I’m currently working on the brand newsectorseven record – yes, those dirt bike punk rockers that used to be signed with Sonic Unyon. They’ve come up with a brand new album of tear your face off punk songs, not like anything anyone on this continent is doing. I’ve made up a list of other services that I can provide to bands working on the cheap (during these tough economic times) – check it outhere. Also, I’m offering some new online mastering rates for bands and artists that don’t need actual discs or want to spend $$$ on shipping – the rate for that is $10 per mastered minute of music, and you can easily take the files and burn them to disc! That’s it for now. Looking forward to a little downtime during the holidays, and things will be picking right back up after the new year. Check back soon and take care all!