Beach Road Studios Summer 2008 Update!

Boy oh boy it’s been a busy summer! Many new records coming out in the next several months. First off, the new Radio Adelaide record is done and shall be released shortly. The songs are tight, melodic and brilliantly crafted, and are sure to keep people dancing. Riverside are currently in working on their follow-up masterpiece to Goodbye Broadway. The new record is quite different from anything the band has ever done, and is quite stripped down and intimate, featuring the best songs they’ve ever written. Hamilton band Guilty is still continuing work on their forthcoming EP. Look for a release sometime in the Fall. The brand new Benefit of a Doubt EP is complete as well, and is one of the coolest EP’s released this year. The guys are also some of the raddest people I’ve worked with, so it helps. Additionally, I’ve also completed the mix for the new record by London folk/rock artist Chris Hart. Chris is no stranger to the music industry, and the new songs are by far some of the strongest tracks he’s ever written. Finally, the new Beach Road SJC Custom drum kit has finally arrived, and it’s looking quite sexy!

Click on the pic to see the full page writeup at SJC Drums.

That’s all for now. Check back soon for more info and upcoming bands!! Take care all.