Welcome to my website. Feel free to look around and you can contact me any time for more information.

Noble & Cooley

Siegfried Meier is now featured on the Noble & Cooley website!! N&C have been making drums since 1854, and were one of the primary manufacturers of marching drums for the Union Army during the Civil War. Still owned and operated by direct descendants of James Cooley, the Noble & Cooley Company of today is run from the same rustic location in Granville, Massachusetts!! Check out Siegfried’s artist page here!!

New Kittie Full Length

Siegfried is in the studio with Kittie working on their new full length for E1 Music/KOCH! The band is booked in for 3 solid weeks to track one of the rawest, coolest, most interesting sounding records of their career! Look for pics, footage and tracks soon!

Beach Road Studios Spring 2011 Update!

Been a crazy winter/early spring! Finished records with Breaching Vista and Benefit of a Doubt for Bright Side Records (released May 2011), did a wicked metal EP with The Wedding Party, started a cool folk/rock EP with Bryce Jardine of Dog Tooth Violet and mixed the brand new Chris Hart record! Also worked on some quick live off the floor EP’s with Toronto’s Flatland and London’s Orbit. Local metal band Anatomist also came in to do a super raw, vintage sounding EP and I finished some mixes for Toronto band 1951. Kitchener/Waterloo based bands Don’t Doubt Courage and Credit Valley were in doing some tracks, and I also produced a 3 song EP with an incredibly talented pop artist named Scotty James – check out the player on the website to hear samples of these artists’ songs. The new mastering room has also been quite busy with several singles/EP’s coming in every week. Stay tuned for more updates soon!!

New Mixing Services!

Now offering a new type of mixing service!! Bands and artists can send in their EXISTING Pro Tools session to be worked on for a substantial amount of savings!! Build up the mix as best as you can, and have Siegfried push it to perfection!! Contact me now!

Vintage Analog Consoles at Beach Road!

Oooook, so it’s been a few weeks since our journey home from New Jersey, and our new friends are finally back and enjoying their final resting place. The studio welcomes a couple of older desks from yesteryear. Our main goal was to bring home an Amek/TAC Magnum console from New Jersey. The Magnum was TAC’s flagship board from wayyyy back in 1990, and although not a Neve or an SSL, was an excellent sounding board with many features. The console began its life as a custom order and hand build in the UK, destined for a facility in Las Vegas. While in service there for several years it was eventually sold off to a fledgling rapper who kept it in his apartment, where it was eventually too much of a burden to keep on his meagre CVS Pharmacy earnings. The console was then sold to a fine man in New Jersey, where it was subsequently shipped and prepared for a new music studio opening in that area. When the studio eventually didn’t happen, the poor homeless console was then again put back on the market where it caught my attention. After much research and deliberation, the rare TAC was snatched up and driven back to Beach Road over the course of a weekend. A friend of the console’s, a 1975 Soundcraft Series Two, was apparently destined for the New Jersey landfill site. At the last second, and with clearly no thought in mind, the mid-size 12 channel frame british desk was scooped up from its temporary home in the dumpster and tucked in the last possible corner left in the cube van – it was clearly love at first sight. The thought of the creators and builders of this console seeing it in the trash was too much for me, and I couldn’t bear to see this wonderful piece of electronic wizardry go to waste.

We are in the midst of installing and restoring both consoles as we speak. The TAC will undergo some basic parts installation and cosmetic repairs to bring it back to original condition before installing some special Siegfried modifications. It features a 26 fader frame with the possibility of 68 inputs on mix, and quite a terrific musical eq. The Series Two needs a bit more loving, but is destined to turn into a 12 channel guitar tracking console when fully refurbished and restored. Click here to check out some of the install pics of the Magnum, and here to check out the Series Two!!

Fall/Winter 2010 Demo Deals at Beach Road!!

For the months of October, November and December, we’ve got a special demo deal on. $500 gets you a live off the floor recording of up to 3 songs at Beach Road Studios, Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Siegfried Meier and a one nights stay at the Beach Road Band House! Of course, it’ll require your band to actually be able to play together…isn’t that a strange concept? 🙂 Click here to check out a small sample of 5 different songs tracked at Beach Road live off the floor with Siegfried (you can also right click and save as, and make sure to turn off the main player). Bookings based on first come, first served, so contact me now!!

Beach Road Studios Fall 2010 Update!

Been a busy late summer! The new Metro4 record is nearly done, and set for release this fall. The album is a collection of finely crafted brit rock/pop songs from a group of extremely talented musicians and songwriters. Nashville metal act Solvi and I teamed up to record a single for the upcoming Bright Side Records compilation. I traveled down to Nashville to track the song at, oddly enough, Beech Creek Studios, which is a beautiful facility on the outskirts of the city. Two Step Monday was in tracking drums for their forthcoming full length, choosing the Beach Road room to capture some massive sounds with the in house custom SJC kit. Ill Eagle was also finally back to track a song for the upcoming Bright Side comp, one of the best songs I’ve heard from these unique fine boys. Chasing Mercury has finally completed their new 4 song EP that’s been in progress throughout 2010. The guys are busy writing for what will be their 2nd full length record and recently opened up for Pennywise!

Check back soon for new stuff happening this fall!!

Beach Road Mobile Rig 2010

For all the broke ass bands out here. Remember, the cost of making a record has very much to do with the facility and how much it costs to operate it. If you’re looking for a wicked recording and are on a tight budget, the Beach Road Mobile Rig will get you exactly that. It ain’t all about gear, it’s about the guy that’s running it. You can give a monkey a tool box…but that doesent mean the little bastard is gonna fix yer car. Before you get your buddy in his basement with torrents of Waves plugs and cracked versions of Logic to do your record, why not hire someone that’s done this a few times before and knows how to do it right…contact Siegfried now!!

New Beach Road Mastering Rates!!

In light of the new mastering room install, the new rates will begin at just $8 per mastered minute of music! Not everyone needs discs mailed to them, and for many projects that will only see life online, it makes sense to save that extra cash! The mastering chain is STILL the same sweet outboard analog gear (with more to be installed shortly!) coupled with the finest digital software, so there’s no need to worry about the quality. Contact Siegfried at Beach Road Mastering now!! (519) 440-0904

Beach Road Studios Summer 2010 Update!

Lots of things happening this summer! The new Breaching Vista record is nearly finished, and due for release in Sept. The long awaited new sectorseven full length is available on iTunes now, and physical copies will be in stores in Sept. Also, the new Searching For Satellites EP is out now as a free download, along with the new Escapes EP that was mixed at Beach Road. Benefit of a Doubt was back in recording their brand new EP, and singles by Life Like Rockets, Surrounded by Water, Hello Apollo and Chasing Mercury will be featured on the new Bright Side Records compilation. Currently working on the new Metro4 full length, which is due for release in the fall! More news soon including a crazy vintage gear install at Beach Road!!

Custom Headphone Monitoring Stations!

Beach Road Studios has installed 4 custom Mackie headphone monitoring rigs, allowing for 8 channels of personal, custom monitoring per musician. Vintage Line 6 POD Pro’s and Bass Pod Pro units allow for quiet bed tracking, while still getting the sound of an amp (kind of haha, come on, let’s be serious) in your headphones, and not bleeding into drum and room mics!!

Check out a pic here!

New Indie Mix Rates!

Answering the call for inexpensive indie mix rates, I’ll now be mixing songs starting at $200 a song!!! With more and more bands and artists recording themselves, having a solid mix and master with some nice and tasty vintage analog gear is more crucial than ever! Contact me now regarding your project!

New Records This Spring!!

Been a busy Winter/early Spring!!! Look for new records from sectorseven, To Tell, Armour, Thine Eyes Bleed and Breaching Vista soon!!

Billboard Charts Fall 2009

The new Kittie record has hit the Billboard charts, scoring #18 on the Hard Rock Album charts and #133 on the Top 200 Billboard charts! For more info, check it out here!

New Kittie Record!

The new album titled In The Black is now out in the US! Check out the video for the first single here! Also, it’s just been announced that Cut Throat will be on the soundtrack for the new Saw VI film released on Trustkill Records! For more info, check it out here!

Kittie-In The Black

Metal band Kittie’s brand new album drops Sept. 15th, 2009! The record was Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Siegfried Meier at Beach Road Studios and will melt your face off. For more info, check outwww.kittierocks.com and here!!

Mobile Production Services

Hey everyone! I just wanted to inform you that I’ve put together a very small, but effective, mobile recording system to take with me on trips. This means that bands no longer have to make the trek all the way out to Beach Road Studios (not that that’s a bad thing!) to make great sounding records with me. This, of course, can and will keep costs lower than they have been traditionally for making a record. The rig consists of (insert nerd talk here) a custom pair of Neve 1290 mic preamps, 8 x M-Audio Profire 2626 preamps, 8 x Presonus Digimax LT preamps and a custom SSL Bus Compressor running Pro Tools M-Powered 8.0 with the Music Production Toolkit on a 2Ghz Intel Dual Mac Mini. So, to all those bands that are still recording in their basements and garage spaces, have me come in and give you a hand making that record sound the absolute best it can be!! Contact me for more info!

Beach Road Spring Update!

Holy smokes has it been a crazy start to the year! New band Moondog Uproar was in and we finished one of the most exciting and sassy records of our time – look for it to be available soon. Colombian/London band Kaffe was also in recording a new record with me. The guys are headed back to Colombia for a major tour and I wish them all the best of luck! Guelph band Life Like Rockets was in recording a 5 song EP with me, which should be out within the next few weeks – very rad band with great hooky songs! Everyone’s favourite party band The Salads were back to begin work on their exciting new full length. 2 songs have been completed so far, with more on the way. Fresh back from their several year hiatus, London band Acacia were in recording 7 tracks for their upcoming EP that will be released on vinyl. The record was done live off the floor in the massive live room here, and has a super thick raw feel – very cool! Burlington band Dearest – now called The Vice – were in to finalize and redo some tracks for their upcoming EP. They have a new singer and a very fresh new sound, which I’m sure you will all dig very much! Riverside was also at the studio in January to record their 90’s cover version of Natalie Imbruglia’s Torn – what a fantastic song that has only now become even more fantastic! Tara Mcleod, crazy guitar shredder from Kittie, was in to record some guitar tracks for the upcoming Team Cybergeist project, a compilation of some very cool musicians and artists – no word on when it will be out, but it will be very cool! Lastly, I tracked and produced the vocals for Nick Harris’ guest appearance on the brand new Victory released Farewell To Freeway album. The record is out now, so check it out! The studio is currently undergoing some minor renovations to the tracking room, and it looks like the spring/summer season will be a busy one as usual!! Check back soon for more updates.

The Dunes Update

Hey everyone! There’s a fantastic new article about the upcoming Dunes album in Now magazine – check it out here. A song from the album was also featured on the CTV television show Flashpoint! For more info, check it outhere!!

Happy Holidays!!!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday, with wonderful time spent with family. We recorded a couple of our favourite songs as a gift to share with our family, and would love to share it with you!! Check them out here! Take care everyone!

Beach Road Studios Fall Update!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know of a few things that have been going on around the studio the past few months. Tyler Schwende was in getting his new record mixed which is a fantastic collection of songs, as well as a cool band called Metro4 from London that have some killer songs. We also finished the new Riverside record and the album will be out in January on Bullion Records, very proud of this one. Another record I started earlier in the year from a band called Guilty is also now done and we’re just waiting on final mastered copies before that gets released. The band has now changed their name to The Light Division, and we have several labels interested in the new record. Another cool new band called Ill Eagle from London was in doing work on their new EP. These guys are pretty damn rad, and have a really unique sound. Also, the band To Telland I have finished off an EP that sounds super fresh and catchy, along with a brand new Christmas track that is out now for you to check out! I also produced a song with The Disenders called Fall that is hitting radio as we speak – great band with a very cool vibe and sound. I’m currently working on the brand newsectorseven record – yes, those dirt bike punk rockers that used to be signed with Sonic Unyon. They’ve come up with a brand new album of tear your face off punk songs, not like anything anyone on this continent is doing. I’ve made up a list of other services that I can provide to bands working on the cheap (during these tough economic times) – check it outhere. Also, I’m offering some new online mastering rates for bands and artists that don’t need actual discs or want to spend $$$ on shipping – the rate for that is $10 per mastered minute of music, and you can easily take the files and burn them to disc! That’s it for now. Looking forward to a little downtime during the holidays, and things will be picking right back up after the new year. Check back soon and take care all!

Free Test Masters

Many artists don’t fully understand the need for mastering their final mix. This is why I’m offering a free test master of a song to show you exactly what mastering can do for your record. Even music that is only destined to be played back over Myspace or other online websites can benefit from a good mastering using some of the finest analog hardware. But if you intend on releasing an actual disc or vinyl, it becomes even more crucial. Emailsiegfried@siegfriedmeier.com for more details and to get your free test master now.

New Beach Road Mastering Room Now Open!!

Ahead of schedule, the new mastering room at Beach Road Studios is now open! Featuring some excellent analog mastering gear as well as a few custom made pieces, the new room is sure to deliver some smokin’ records! Contact the studio now atsiegfried@siegfriedmeier.com for rates and to book your next mastering session!

Beach Road Studios Mastering Room

We’re pleased to announce the upcoming completion of the brand new Beach Road Studios Mastering Room. A mostly analog equipped facility (with some digital toys thrown in for good measure), the new room will feature a Focusrite Red EQ, Manley Vari-Mu limiter, and KRK and Adam speakers. Mastering is a crucial final step in the making of a record, and we’re thrilled to offer this service at an extremely affordable rate without sacrificing the quality only great analog outboard gear can provide. We expect the room to officially go online towards the end of August 2008. Contactsiegfried@siegfriedmeier.com for rates and more info!!

Beach Road Studios Summer 2008 Update!

Boy oh boy it’s been a busy summer! Many new records coming out in the next several months. First off, the new Radio Adelaide record is done and shall be released shortly. The songs are tight, melodic and brilliantly crafted, and are sure to keep people dancing. Riverside are currently in working on their follow-up masterpiece to Goodbye Broadway. The new record is quite different from anything the band has ever done, and is quite stripped down and intimate, featuring the best songs they’ve ever written. Hamilton band Guilty is still continuing work on their forthcoming EP. Look for a release sometime in the Fall. The brand new Benefit of a Doubt EP is complete as well, and is one of the coolest EP’s released this year. The guys are also some of the raddest people I’ve worked with, so it helps. Additionally, I’ve also completed the mix for the new record by London folk/rock artist Chris Hart. Chris is no stranger to the music industry, and the new songs are by far some of the strongest tracks he’s ever written. Finally, the new Beach Road SJC Custom drum kit has finally arrived, and it’s looking quite sexy!

Click on the pic to see the full page writeup at SJC Drums.

That’s all for now. Check back soon for more info and upcoming bands!! Take care all.

Beach Road Spring 2008 Update!

Hey everyone. Just letting you know who’s hanging out at the studio in the next while, who’s been here in the spring already, and a few other cool things that are new at Beach Road. First off, The Dunes and I have finally finished work on their new record that is due out sometime this summer/fall. The record turned out to be one of the most fulfilling projects I’ve ever had the pleasure of working on, and the songs are second to none. For more info on that, please go towww.myspace.com/thedunesrock. Second, Windsor band Radio Adelaide (previously Dressed In Sunday’s Best) were in and we knocked out a full length in a matter of a few weeks. The songs are super strong and furious, and with some good luck, new fans and some serious touring should put these guys at the forefront of the music scene. For more info, check outwww.myspace.com/radioadelaiderocks. Thirdly, Hamilton band Guilty has begun work on their forthcoming 7 song EP. Things are still in progress for this excellent piece of work from one of the coolest bands and nicest guys I’ve met, so check back here soon and take a gander at www.myspace.com/guilty to find out more. Fourthly (can I say that?), Ottawa band Benefit of a Doubt will be in shortly to work on their brand new 3 song EP. Check outwww.myspace.com/benefitofadoubtrock. Fifthly (now it’s just getting ridiculous), I’m nearly done mixing the brand new Chris Hart record. This album features some of, what I think, are the best songs I’ve heard in long time. Check back soon for more info on that. Spanish Fusion/Rock band Kaffe was also in having their EP mixed – some very cool tracks that are unlike anything that’s ever come out of Beach Road. Check outwww.myspace.com/kafferock for more info. Riverside is back in the summer to work on a followup to Goodbye Hollywood that will also be a very cool record. Equipment wise, the studio has now acquired 8 new custom Neve 1290 mic preamps, a number of new guitar pedals, a Gretsch hollowbody electric and an Orange 4×12 cab. There will also be 8 new custom API 312’s coming as well as several other new additions throughout the year. That’s about it for now. Check back soon and take care everyone!


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