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Work begins on 2 brand new Kover tracks June 18th. Look for them soon!

New Adam McGill EP

The new Adam McGill EP is complete. Look for it now.

Chasing Mercury

The brand new Chasing Mecury EP is finished!!! You will crap in your pants when you hear it. I did. A few times actually.

New Live Matthew Johnston Tracks

4 new MJ songs out now. Recorded live off the floor in the studio. Mistake, Our Song, Needle Eyes and The Last. Check out www.myspace.com/matthewjohnston to hear them.

New Seconds To Go

2 brand new Seconds To Go tracks are now available!! Stark Raving Mad and This Door. Check them out now!

Adam McGill

Singer/Songwriter Adam McGill has started a new 3 song EP. Release date is April/May 2005.

New Kover Record

Preproduction for the new Kover record has started. Look for a release sometime summer 2005.

Blue Skies At War

2 brand new Blue Skies songs are underway. Look for them soon.

Appertain Display

New Appertain Display record is halfway completed. Release date is set for May 2005.

Matthew Johnston EP

The new Matthew Johnston 4 song EP is complete. Check it out now.

Baptized In Blood EP

New Baptized In Blood EP has started. Release date is set for April 2005.

Chasing Mercury In Studio

Tracking for the new Chasing Mercury 3 song EP has started. Look for a release sometime in April 2005.