Stuff and Things!

Been an insanely busy summer and fall here at the studio. We made some great records and singles with Anthems and Ashes, The Ashgrove, Horwood, KINK, A Ghost Named Joe, Howl Said The Wolves, Sadukii, Artificial Dissemination, Slouch, Cashed In Kings and Stuck Out Here – some that are still in the process of mixing!!! Met a really great band called The World Over in LA fronted by the granddaughter of legendary guitar builder Ernie Ball and we created an insane 5 song EP together that is now available everywhere, punk rock veterans Face To Face were in working on a new song with me for an upcoming tribute compilation, and I co-wrote a killer song with legendary rapper DMX featuring some beautiful vocals by the talented Morgan Lander of Kittie! Work continues on the new b.d. Gottfried albumĀ as the new Charrlonmane full length, along with a new Studio B room here at Beach Road to provide some awesome lower rates for clients when needing to do overdubs and vocals. A Scully 1″ 8 track machine graced the control room this fall as well and we’re busy rebuilding and wiring it in – this is pretty much the holy grail of analog recording, and each input not only features line inputs, but MIC PREAMPS as well by way of vintage UTC transformers!!! I’ll be back at NAMM this year and will be working on a new single with The World Over and KINK in LA, as well as a few top secret as-of-yet unannounced projects. Happy travels friends!!