Siegfried Meier Professional Audio Production Course Online Series

Professional Audio Production Courses

Lead by Siegfried Meier

The first of our livestream production and engineering series will be hosted at Beach Road Studios this coming August 17th, 2019!!! This is the evolution of our highly successful workshops we’ve held here since 2013 - but now available to anyone around the world with an internet connection!!  The livestream will see us producing a song with a band from the preproduction stages right on through to the final recording stages - drums, drum editing/sample replacement, bass DI and amp recording/editing, guitar mic'ing/summing/editing, keys recording/editing, vocals/vocal comping/tuning using Melodyne & Autotune and everything else you can imagine in between!!  There will be a ton of tips and tricks demonstrated throughout the workshop that will keep novices and professionals alike interested, and the best part is you get to watch from the comfort of your own home or studio!!  We will have assistants on hand to answer any questions in realtime during the stream so there's no missing out on any critical step or technique, and Siegfried will always be available at a later date to answer any further in depth questions you may have!  The cost is $99 for the entire livestream, and to sign up for the course just add the Professional Audio Production Course (above) to the cart, process the payment and you'll be signed up and confirmed! For more information please message me for details!!


This livestream production and recording workshop will provide you a with comprehensive, carefully guided, real time look at what an end to end recording workflow looks like from a successful Producer/Engineer/Mixer who has been recording bands for over 25 years! From mic placement to file maintenance to pulling best from the musicians you are working with, join Siegfried on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Learn from the techniques he demonstrates as he shares his knowledge with you and take your recording game to the next level!


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"Connectors, signal flow, mic techniques, monster guitar tones, and a TON of tips and tricks to add to your tool bag.

From the beginning, Meier’s mission is clear: To get what’s in his head, into yours."

Zachary Kadey

"Having participated in these workshops has been a huge benefit to me, I took home more information in two days than I thought was possible. If you plan on entering the field of audio engineering, these workshops are definitely for you."

Corey Adams

"Whether you've been recording for years or you're just getting into it, this workshop offers something for everyone. All in all you simply won't learn this much in this amount of time anywhere else. "

Chris Brideau

I've worked in studios as a producer and engineer for 7 years, did formal training through Berklee College of Music for Music Production. Last year, attended this workshop to see what I could get out of it. The answer was - LOTS. I use just as many if not more tips and tricks from these 2 days than I do from a year through Berklee.  Totally worth the investment for anyone at any level of their engineering career.

GI Holm

The amount of material covered in just one weekend is amazing - Siegfried is excellent in communicating his knowledge and answering any and all questions. Being able to witness a project come to fruition from its infant stages to the final mastering is a process that is invaluable. The impact this workshop had on both my skill set and perspective cannot be overstated!

Leonidas Karapanos

Hands down, the most inspiring experience I've had in a very long time.

Graeme Kalb

Even with all of the resources available online, my weekend at Beach Road Studios workshop with Siegfried Meier crammed in more useful knowledge, tips and tricks than I ever could have imagined learning in such a short period of time - all in a working context.  The program was exciting and thorough, the facilities were incredible, and the hospitality was unrivalled!

Jordan Rutledge

I learned more in the first four hours of my Beach Road Studios Workshop than I did in my first semester of Recording Engineering when I was in college, it was all killer and no filler! Doesn't matter if you're an experienced veteran or a newb looking to get start this workshop has what you need!

Ryan Izzard

I’d say this workshop is absolutely essential for anyone who is interested in this field. I’ve learned more here than anywhere else, so it was well worth the money and time invested in it!!

Quin Gottschalk

It felt like Siegfried managed to stuff the better part of a college course into one weekend! Everything from getting killer tones, to selecting and capitalizing on what gear when, to a mixed/mastered product for a very happy client! From new to the industry, or a seasoned pro, you'll learn a lot every time you attend!! Truly inspiring!!

Mike Whaling

What an amazing introduction to how a real professional does it. I learned so much from an amazing teacher and very intelligent person, and I was blown away with the atmosphere and his knowledge of everything music!

Brendon Bradley

Siegfried went above and beyond making me feel welcome during the workshop allowing me to share ideas, ask questions and help me get a look at what he does in a recording session. You get a the full experience of everything it takes to make a song the best it can be. The food was amazing, the people were amazing and my weekend at Beach Road Studios is something I will never forget! 

Shaley Oster

From phase to how to treat a band you may be recording and everything in between, the Beach Road Recording Workshop was hands down the best technical and fun musical experience I have had in the last decade. When being taught by such a great person/professional in the music biz like Siegfried Meier, it's easy to make a decision to take this course.

Jordan Ropp

Learning from Sig was such a great opportunity. He's energetic, engaging, and showed us lots of great examples of different recording techniques and how/when to use them. Sig helped me develop a better understanding of the recording process and the value of good production. I didn't realize how much of Sig's work I had heard over the years, and that made the workshop really special for me. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking to improve their technical understanding of studio recording and production.

Matt Waghorn



Siegfried Meier is a JUNO Award winning Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Songwriter and Instructor. Having written the AVID Pro Tools course for The Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology in 2004, he went on to teach a special Pro Tools/Production course for several years before building Beach Road Studios. Siegfried has produced/engineered/mixed or mastered records for artists such as Kittie, Face To Face, DMX, Helix, Single Mothers, Woods of Ypres, The World Over, David Wilcox, The Salads, Thine Eyes Bleed, Craig Cardiff, Dayna Manning, Breaching Vista and countless others. He’s worked with Tom Araya (Slayer) in the studio, songs he’s produced/engineered have been featured in films such as Saw VI, Eurotrip and Limitless, and his work with pop artist Scotty James garnered them a Billboard Canada Top 16 hit. In 2013, Woods of Ypres’ “Grey Skies and Electric Light” record was nominated for a JUNO Award for Best Metal/Hard Music Record of the Year, a category which it subsequently won – the record was Produced and Engineered by Siegfried at his Beach Road Studios complex. Having worked with heavyweight Producers and Engineers such as Gggarth (Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Biffy Clyro), Joe Gastwirt (The Used, Face To Face), Howie Weinberg (Green Day, Aerosmith, U2), Troy Glessner (Copeland, Anberlin, Underoath), Andy Wallace (Nirvana, Linkin Park) and many others, Siegfried has picked up countless tips and tricks for making professional albums that stand the test of time. Making records and music has always been a passion for him, and his work ethic is second to none.


The workshop will see students go through the motions of producing an entire song with a professional band, from beginning to end, with all the steps demonstrated and explained in detail. The industry standard AVID Pro Tools software will be used exclusively, and students will see firsthand the possibilities and creative aspects that the software can induce on music (the skill sets learned in Pro Tools can of course be carried over to other DAW’s and music creation apps). Starting with the pre-production process, we’ll be studying a song and breaking it apart to maximize its potential. Students will learn how to properly tune acoustic drums, set up microphones and study the magic and effect that direct microphones and room microphones have in a large, live drum room (a live drum sample library will also be recorded in multitrack form that students will be able to take home with them, using them for their own music and productions!). From there, the workshop will continue on through bass, guitar, keys and vocal production and engineering, focusing on mic placement and outboard gear processing. Vintage analog tape and console methods will also be demonstrated, along with modern DSP processing techniques – Beach Road features a vast amount of plugins (including all Universal Audio plugins for the Apollo interface), and many of these will be demonstrated in great detail. Students will learn to extensively edit all instruments, including drums, bass, guitar, synth and vocals, in a correct and musical manner, providing professional results. Autotune and Melodyne, pitch correction tools that are industry standard these days, will also be demonstrated in great detail, not only on vocals but also on instruments. Mixing and mastering techniques will be covered extensively, utilizing some of the best equipment and modern tactics. The workshops will be taught over the course of two 10 hour days at Beach Road Studios, allowing you to absorb a maximum amount of information without sacrificing your precious time. Only 5 students will be accepted per workshop, allowing for intimate classes and plenty of question/answer opportunities – there is no workshop in the world that covers this amount of information in such a short time, and many industry tricks and secrets will be shown and covered.


Graduates from recording programs that want a direct inside look into how professional records are made in the modern world by a working, successful Producer/Engineer – recording aficionados who don’t have the time and money to spend years at a recording school – musicians and artists who want to maximize their dollars, recording their own demos/final works are all individuals who may greatly benefit from the Beach Road Workshops we offer. The industry is changing, and artists need to invest in their future as much as they can. Technology and music recording equipment is more affordable than ever, and the results can be amazing when the tools are used in the right hands. Having made records for over 25 years, Siegfried Meier will show you how to effectively use those tools to your advantage, and help you become a better Producer/Engineer!