Beach Road Studios is a world class recording studio where the artist’s vision really shines through. A private facility owned and operated by JUNO Award winning Producer, Engineer, Songwriter and Mixer Siegfried Meier, Beach Road is loaded with custom hand built and vintage analog gear, a multitude of musical instruments, the latest in digital software and hardware, and a vibe that is second to none.



Located in Ontario, Canada, the studio overlooks what is arguably the most beautiful of all the Great Lakes, Lake Huron. It has been described by many artists as an incredible space that brings out the right vibe and creative atmosphere for making music. The studio features natural lighting throughout with skylights and massive windows overlooking Lake Huron and the beautiful west coast sunsets. The tracking room is an impressively beautiful and large open space, creating some of the biggest drum sounds you’ll ever hear.



Beach Road also features full accommodations for artists and bands so that you live and stay at the Beach Road Band House while making your record, never once putting creativity on hold. Catering and/or a personal chef as well as a Registered Massage Therapist are available upon request, ensuring the most comfortable of stays and allowing you to enjoy a truly unique experience.



 It's remote. It's quiet and peaceful. It's a huge room with more gear than you can imagine and more being added all the time. Siegfried is an electronics junkie and basically buys on the cheap and restores it back to new to add another gear minion to the collection. He's passionate about good recording and takes pride in every project. Those that have recorded with him know that right from the start you are in good hands. Actually, one of the fastest hands in the biz when comes to Pro Tools and his personality is funny, witty, full speed so the amount you can accomplish in 1 day is quite amazing. Siegfried doesn't stop. After a long day of recording it's time to head on up to the mastering studio if you care to take a trip...